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Jack Pierson
Luis Venegas
C☆NDY TRANSVERSAL 11 - Elliot Fletcher photographed by Amos Mac

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  • Cover: Elliot Fletcher photographed by Amos Mac
  • C☆NDY 11, 2017 - Limited Edition of 1500 Numbered Copies
  • 4 Different Covers, 500 Pages, #BiggestCandyEver

In this issue: Agosto Machado photographed by Ryan McGinley, Jack Pierson and Peter Hujar -among others-. Interviewed by Jimmy Paul and Tabboo!, text edited by Svetlana Kitto // The world of drag -now and then- photographed by David Yarritu and Zak Krevitt. Text by Linda Simpson // Elliot Fletcher photographed by Amos Mac, with Creative Direction by Love Bailey and interview by Henry Giardina // Romy Abergel photographed by Dafy Hagai, styled by Victoria Sekrier and interviewed by Michal Elbee // Remembering Charles Pierce with a text by Peter Mintun and photos by Rocky Schenck, Daniel Nicoletta, Ron Galella and Richard Avedon -among others- // Daisy FW 2017-2018 with photos and text by Zac Bayly // Ex Infinitas SS 2018 with photos and text by Zac Bayly // Tii Doll photographed and interviewed by Zac Bayly // Sandra Nandeibam photographed by Tenzing Dakpa, with creative direction and styling by Nikhil D // Jaimie Wilson photographed by Thurstan Redding, styled by Rúben Moreira and interviewed by Joey Levenson // Violeta La Burra photographed by Daniel Riera and interviewed by Eduardo Gión // A Peter Hujar portfolio starring David Brintzenhofe with texts by Stephen Koch and Jimmy Paul // Dara photographed and styled by Cruz Valdez. Text by Devan Diaz // James Spencer and Harald Smart photographed by Thurstan Redding and styled by Charles Jeffrey // A fashion story photographed by Reto Schmid and styled by Andreas Peter Krings // Zoey Fitzgerald photographed by Tyler Mitchel and styled by Ian Bradley // A fashion story photographed by Camille Vivier and styled by Leopold Duchemin // A fashion story starring Sussi, Harry Charlesworth and Love Bailey -among others- photographed by Mat + Kat and styled by Cece Liu // Loewe Special: Young New Yorkers photographed and styled by Matt Holmes // Gucci Special: Salvia photographed by Toyin Ibidapo, styled by Tara St. Hill and interviewed by Tim Philip Neugebauer // J.W.Anderson Special: South African models photographed by Kristin-Lee Moolman and styled by Ibrahim Kamara, inspired by some of the most iconic fashion images ever made // Molly Goddard Special: Model Jacob Mallinson // Dinah Lux photographed by Dham Srifuenfung and styled by Michael Darlington // Rick Owens Special: Rain Dove photographed by Cole Sprouse and styled by Gro Curtis // Vivienne Westwood Special: Madison and Adam Eli Werner photographed by Thomas McCarty and styled by Ian Bradley. Text by Adam Eli Werner // Palomo Spain Special: The Hotel Palomo collection photographed by Biel Capllonch and styled by Marc Sebastian Faiella. Text by Dan Thawley // Merritt Meacham Special: A trio of models photographed by Benedict Brink and styled by Roxane Danset // EJ Johnson photographed by Greg Gorman, with Creative Direction by Love Bailey and interview by Mikey Boardman // Zaldy and his creations photographed by Lia Clay and styled by Marcus Cuffie. Interviews by Mike Furey and ANOHNI // James Bidgood photographed and interviewed by Luke Abby + A selection of Bidgood’s personal archive photos + The Pink Narcissus series // A portfolio photographed by Michael Bailey Gates in collaboration with Paul Monroe, inspired by Greer Lankton’s work. With photos by Greer Lankton herself, two portraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and a text by Lena Dunham // An extensive photographic portfolio by Brian Lantelme, portrayed and interviewed by Sunny Suits

C☆NDY is Luis Venegas completely new, never-done-before kind of fashion magazine. It’s called Candy, as a playful tribute to one of the greatest transvestites ever existed, Candy Darling.

C☆NDY is the first style magazine completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross-dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations.

The transversal world has looked to fashion magazines for inspiration for decades, but a fashion magazine has never returned the compliment: examining the transversal world in all it’s diversity.

C☆NDY is a magazine for everybody. A space for individual freedom, a publication that pushes people to take on the persona of what they always wanted to be.

The approach of the new magazine to this theme will be similar to the usual feeling of Luis Venegas original magazine Fanzine137, often described by journalists as unconventional, personal, elegant, unique… and hopefully surprising. Of course, C☆NDY is also about great fun… This is supposed to be a party!


Founded a decade ago by Luis Venegas, C*NDY is the first and only style magazine to focus on the transversal community, or transgender and gender-nonconforming/nonbinary people, transvestism, cross-dressing, drag, and androgyny. C*NDY has a devoted fan base and respect from industry leaders for showcasing the most creative and important names and talent in transversal fashion, art, and culture. This book brings together for readers the most timeless, inspirational, and aspirational pages of fashion, art, culture, makeup, glamour, icons, amazing transformations, and fun.

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Jack Pierson

Jack Pierson works with a variety of media, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installations and film. Through exploration of celebrity, melodrama and loneliness, Pierson articulates these through an emotional narrative manifesting lost love, sexual longing, faded glamour, fleeting moments, and melancholic and sentimental reflection. His favored subjects are excerpts from his daily life: fragments of urban landscapes, still lives of ordinary objects, homoerotic nudes and evocative words worked into collages or transformed into wall mounted sculptures. Deeply rooted in Americana, the artist seeks to portray the other side of the American Dream, what he calls “the tragedy inherent in the pursuit of glamour”.

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Luis Venegas

Luis Venegas is creative director, editor and publisher of Fanzine137, EY! Magateen, C★NDY, The Printed Dog and EY! Boy Collection. Based in Spain, he channels his energies into publishing his personal editorial projects and working as a freelance professional, mostly for fashion brands. An independent self-published editor, his magazines - released as limited editions - are available only in selected shops, boutiques and bookstores around the world.

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