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Homoculture Volume One

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The first in a new series of books from publisher OutThere, Homoculture volume one trains a uniquely global lens on LGBTQI creativity and experience.

LIMITED EDITION Collectors’ Item, 1000 copies
160 pages
Cover image: Roy Anthony Brown by Andreas H. Bitesnich
Inner cover artwork by Jacob Love

Seriously queer.

Exploring the vibrancy, diversity, spirit, truth and fun of the LGBTQI community away from assimilationist mainstream lore. 160 pages of original, thought-provoking content from contributors from around the globe. 

Inside This Issue (Volume One):
Homoculture Volume One trains a uniquely global lens on LGBTQI creativity and experience. Exploring some of the world’s most fascinating queer tribes, from America’s Radical Faerie movement to trans* activists in Africa, from a LA Latin art-bear collective to the delirious East London drag divas who work Glastonbury Festival.

We meet Rose Wood, New York’s doyenne of extreme cabaret, controversy-courting Russian artist in exile Slava Mogutin and the legendary London club kid, model and muse turned singer-songwriter (and our cover star) Roy Brown. We profile talents including Brazilian choreographer Jean Abreu, German fetish documentarist Jan Soldat, avant-garde Japanese performance artist Takao Kawaguchi and many more. 

Our first artist’s residency features the prolific Jacob Love, contributing a gorgeous photo essay and bespoke artworks, while the feted novelist Jonathan Kemp reveals a new short story.

Seriously queer, Homoculture seeks to reclaim from assimilationist encroachments a sacred space where we can explore the spirit, truth and fun of our community’s rich difference. Not for nothing have many ancient and non-Western civilisations revered our innate non-normativity as a near-supernatural gift. We enthusiastically concur, and this volume is our invitation to all queers, dykes, fags, bis, trans, inters, undecided and others to connect, commune and set free their highest selves.

Chapter One / Creators
Chasen Igleheart / Jean Abreu / Bishi Bhattacharya / Bertil Nilsson / Jan Soldat / Travis Ridlehuber / Takao Kawaguchi

Chapter Two / Voices
Jacob Love + Tim Marshall / Jonathan Kemp + Jennifer Tyburczy / Clifford Landon Pun + Richard Yap + Khalil West / Charles O’Byrne / Paola Revenioti + Panos H. Koutras / Surat Knan + Ajamu + Paul Bonham

Chapter Three / Tribes
NYC Downlow + Block 9 / Gabrielle Le Roux / Maricon Collective / Radical Faeries / Jacob Love

Chapter Four / Outriders
Rose Wood / Roy Brown / Carlos Pons Guerra / Andrew Logan / Siya Ngcobo / Chuck Holmes / Slava Mogutin

Further Reading
Gregg Cihangir Masuak / Emir Caka Erkaya / Jonathan Kemp

About Homoculture Mag:
Homoculture’s core team is just that – the core of a planet-wide network of collaborators and friends it’s our mission and pleasure to continuously grow. We aim to forge an original, authentic, enlightening and life-affirming platform for voices, visions and expressions of creativity that illuminate the countless ways the world’s LGBTQI population makes up a unique community – and celebrate the heroic idiosyncrasies that make every one of us an unprecedented individual. 

Inspired by luminaries from Jean Genet to Derek Jarman, from Grace Jones to Francis Bacon, from C.P. Cavafy to The Cockettes and from Penny Arcade to DV8, Homoculture honours trailblazing creators across spectrums of gender, race, age and geography. While we’re thrilled to discover emerging talents, we’re just as excited to probe the new perspectives that our evolving cultural landscapes open up on enduring queer alumni. We’re proud to showcase their work alongside compelling accounts of daily experience that cast light on LGBTQIs’ place in today’s world. 

Editorial team: Rupert Mellor (Editor), Martin Perry (Creative/Editorial Director), Uwern Jong (Publishing Director), Emily Carlton (Managing Editor), Steven East (Sub-editor) 

Contributors: Ajamu, Ben Walters, Charles O’Byrne, Clifford Landon Pun, Emir Çaka Erkaya, Gregg Cihangir Masuak, Jack Gibbs, Jacob Love, Jennifer Tyburczy, Jonathan Kemp, Khalil West, Leo Morgan, Michelle Olley, Panos H. Koutras, Paola Revenioti, Paul Bonham,  Richard Yap, Gecko aka Stephen Fleitz, Surat-Shaan Rathgeber Knan, Tim Marshall, Tom Rasmussen, Tristan Verran, Uli Haemming, Zack Cahill