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Jonathan Johnson

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55 cm / 21.6 inches

Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Designed and Produced by Jonathan Johnson

Artist MAnifesto:

Logbook entry, sidereal time 2305. 

I sit at the window and look out at the fields. Outside they build big mountains of toilet paper. As every year, large piles of toilet paper are burned at the Corona Festival and all residents come together and throw roles in the fires! This is how the celebrations begin. All over the world, people celebrate the Corona Month. Then everything stops for a month. I look at my hand holding a pendant that my great, great, great grandfather made at the time of the global pandemic. A simple pendant, made of silver, which was once gold-plated, but the gold-plating has faded over the centuries.  What must it have been, back then, in 2020. From one day to the next, everything came to a standstill. At first only with a few, but the effects ultimately affected everyone. They were very afraid that there would be another world war. Millions were unemployed. Without hope. The breeding ground for demagogues was prepared like never before. Tensions grew day by day. Those who still had something simply lived on as before. But they were also beginning to realize what should they do with a world, without small shops, without small bars, without lateral thinkers, without artists, without hope? The displeasure of those who had lost everything without guilt grew day by day. Even with government aid, the incredible cultural gap that had arisen could not be filled. Right-wing ideologies and hate preachers are springing up all over the world like mushrooms. And just before the all-devastating war between rich and poor could happen there was a rethink everywhere. All borders were opened, all assets were shared, all the weak were helped and it was no longer about being the best, it was about saving the earth and living together in peace.

All work, energy supply, food, concerts, bars, goods, art, travel – everything was made accessible to everyone. Don’t ask me how that could be done, but money was abolished. It just didn’t matter anymore! All debts were canceled, schools were built, everything was shared. Rich and poor no longer matter in 2305, stars have become superfluous, because everyone is a star who helps others. We live in a community of solidarity which has set itself the task that all people are finally the same. There are no limits, no possessions, no work – we do everything for everyone.  So that’s how I sit here, holding the toilet roll in my hand, tightly enclosed, taking a deep sip from my glass and happily walking out onto the street with the others. We laugh, drink, dance, and love.  I wake up and the morning sun shines through my window. Everything is quiet. I dreamed. I open my laptop and check for the latest news, the number of infected people finally declines somewhat after weeks. Hope spreads. The sun rises and my neighbor across the street waves to me from his isolation. I wave back.